The Meteors - Psychobilly - LP (uusi)



The Meteors - Psychobilly - LP (uusi)

A1 Wolfjob 3:08

A2 King Vlad  3:15

A3 Fuck Like A Beast (Fight Like An Animal) 3:54

A4 Bloodbeat 3:28

A5 Funhouse  3:11

A6 Papa Jupe  3:51

A7 I Hate People 2:40


B1 Hellfire  4:13

B2 I Could Kill You (For What You've Done To Me)

B3 The Forsaken 4:04

B4 The Last Bus To Sanity 3:50

B5 U Ain't Right   4:06

B6 Outro (No One Likes Us)   1:34

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